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Our team is a central resource for researchers and clinicians

We are focused on building strong, continuous relationships between you, the investigator, and partners that share a similar vision in your field of study.  By functioning as the primary contact with foundations and corporationsā€™ officers and trustees, we drive to secure private funding for your projects. 

Our staff is available to assist with: 

  • Discretion of potential funding sources
  • Development of solicitation strategies
  • Assistance in gathering required material 
  • Professional packaging of proposals
  • Stewardship: continuous communication, award acknowledgments, progress reports and site visits

Finding Funding Sources

We offer two kinds of assistance. The first is access and search strategies for a variety of online resources to optimize finding funding opportunities.

Second and complementing these resources, CFR provides guidance for the application process from letters of intent and through the final stages of award agreements. Importantly, we are able to make personal contacts with program officers within the private sector. Many private funders rely on relationships rather than requests for proposals (RFPs) to channel appropriate projects to their attention. CFR can help strategize the identification, cultivation and development of relationships leading to an invitation to apply.

Contact us. Your success is our priority.

UMMS subscribes to the Community of ScienceĀ® (COS) Pivot tool - the leading global database resource to:

  • Find funding opportunities
  • Receive automated alerts for new opportunities matching saved searches
  • Identify collaborators
  • Promote your research

foundation center

Updated continually, Foundation Directory Online provides the most accurate details available on U.S. funders and their grants. The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations subscribes to this service and can show you how to search the listings.

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